It is extremely handling biased, with many strenuous chicanes. Being the tightest circuit in the game, bottom end acceleration is relatively important too.


It all starts with a uphill into a ninety degree left turn one, with a quick blast into a heavy braking turn 2, in a left hairpin. From there, you go downhill into a quick transitional 90 degree right turn 3 into a right left chicane. Out of the turn four chicane some cars may over steer slightly as they accelerate over an overpass into a double apex left turn five, leading into a nondescript 90 degree right turn 5 that leads you under the overpass. After that, you go for a 90 degree left that is turn six. From there, you go straight into a double apex turn 7 that brings you a quick left right chicane turn 8, which leads you into another tight chicane for turn 9. A split second later you are spit onto a 90 degree left bend of a turn 10. Finally you come onto the pit straight which leads you into a concluding 90 degree left hander, starring as turn 11. That finishes a lap of this tight and oh so demanding circuit.


  • Ashphalt